What Are Some Good Creosote Removers?


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Some good creosote removal products are Cre-Away Modifier and Stage Two and Stage Three Creosote removers. These different products can help to clean this substance in some of its stages, notes Chimney Saver and Rutland. Creosote clean-up is important to prevent a fire within a home chimney.

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What Are Some Good Creosote Removers?
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For second-degree creosote formation, products, such as Stage Two Remover and Creosote Remover manufactured by Rutland, are good alternatives. Rutland's Creosote Remover can be used in airtight wood stoves, fireplace inserts and may be beneficial for different types of chimneys, the Rutland website notes. Applying this product on a weekly basis can cut down on soot and creosote build-up.

In the third stage of creosote formation, Cre-Away and Rutland's Stage Three Remover are useful to clean the creosote glaze. For example, the Cre-Away product is a powder that modifies third stage creosote into a more brittle substance that is easier to remove.

Creosote is combination by-product that forms when there is incomplete combustion of wood in a chimney. The build-up of creosote occurs in three stages, which are soot, creosote and a glaze that is a tar-like substance.

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