What Is a Good Coyote Deterrent?

What Is a Good Coyote Deterrent?

Hazing is a good coyote deterrent. Hazing uses noise, intimidation and aggression to frighten coyotes away from a given area. The method is designed to be unpredictable enough that coyotes do not become desensitized to it over time.

The first part of hazing is yelling. The hazer needs to make himself look as large and intimidating as possible, which means standing tall and waving his arms. He can even walk toward the coyote until the coyote runs away. The hazer needs to continue yelling and walking toward the coyote until the coyote completely leaves the area.

Another part of hazing is using noisemakers. This keeps the coyote from getting accustomed to the yelling. The hazer can make a noisemaker by filling a can with rocks, pennies or marbles, or he can simply bang two lids together. Whistles, bells and air horns are also good noisemakers to use.

The third part is using projectiles. These projectiles can include small sticks, balls and rocks or water hoses and squirt guns. If the coyote is particularly persistent, the hazer can use pepper spray or bear repellent.

During the hazing process, the hazer needs to be persistent and avoid running away from the coyote.