What Are Some Good Covers for Wall Ironing Boards?


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Possible covers for wall ironing boards include cabinet kits that allow the board to hide flush into the wall, false cabinets that affix to the bottom of the ironing board or eternal cabinet cases that sit on top of the wall. Covering the ironing board with other materials can add additional function or visual interest.

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To cover a wall-mounted ironing board, attach a cabinetry panel to its underside so that the board appears as a cabinet door set against the wall. This can involve placing hinges on the door and attaching it to the wall directly or affixing it directly to the board itself. Attaching the cover to the board may require reinforcing the wall hinges and adding an additional latch system to keep the cover in place.

Many home improvement retailers selling special kits to install cabinets built into the wall exclusively for the ironing board. Many retailers also sell external housing kits that create a solid covering around the ironing board, with doors that either open outward or hinge along the top or bottom. Some versions also rest on the ground, with the ironing board opening upwards and the doors sliding outward against the wall. These options may include additional sections for storage under the ironing board, such as racks or shelves.

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