What Are Some Good Concrete Floor Cleaners?

What Are Some Good Concrete Floor Cleaners?

EMERGE Concrete Degreaser, S-12000 Heavy Duty Degreaser, Mean Klean Concrete Cleaner and Kemiko Neutra Clean are good concrete floor cleaners, according to Concrete Network. Consolideck Cleaner/Degreaser is another highly rated product.

EMERGE Concrete Degreaser cuts through grease, soil and oil on concrete and other hard surfaces. This product is also effective on asphalt and metal.

Mean Klean Concrete Cleaner removes grease, oil stains and tough grime. It also removes adhesives and transmission fluid. This concentrated product must be diluted with water before use and is most effective when applied with a pressure washer.

Kemiko Neutra Clean is a heavy-duty concrete cleanser intended to prepare floors for sealing. It emits few volatile organic compounds and is safe for indoor and outdoor use. Like Mean Klean Concrete Cleaner, this is a concentrated product that requires dilution with water.

Consolideck Cleaner/Degreaser is a concentrated industrial cleaning agent that cuts through grease, oil and dirt. It also removes rubber tire scuff marks and adhesive residue. Consolideck Cleaner/Degreaser is non-flammable and water soluble, and it does not contain the harsh chemicals found in many other industrial-strength concrete floor cleaners. Many of its ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic. This product may be applied with a brush or a pump sprayer.