What Are Some Good Colors for Ranch-Style Houses?


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Some good colors ideal for ranch-style houses are various shades of red, green, yellow, orange and blue. Neutral colors such as white, beige, cream, taupe and gray also look great on ranch-style houses.

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For a rich and detailed look, opt for neutral green as the primary color and accent with shades of blue, purple and yellow on the trim. A classic combination is white with two shades of blue-green to accent it. Warm colors such as ochre, sand and sage hues complement a green landscape. Brick-red with green and yellow colors accents a asphalt shingle roof in brown.

Paint the trim and architectural focal points, such as brackets under roof eaves, in a cream color. Pair it with window sashes and bars in dark green with a red roof for a cohesive look. Choose a soft sage-green color as primary color and accent it with yellow and white trims. Pair it with a silvery gray patio, bluestone pathway and white pergola for a bright and fresh look.

Use neutral colors such as beige for the stucco and bright white for the trim. Accent it with an earthy gray-green on the foundation walls and window sashes for a natural look. Go for a solid ranch look with stucco in deep, inky blue and bright white trim. To achieve a soft look, choose taupe-green as the primary color and accent with cream trim and red windows.

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