What Are Some Good Colors to Paint Wood Paneling?


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Almost any color of paint can freshen up wood paneling, though different colors incite different moods. Bright colors, such as glossy white and cream, reflect light and make spaces seem bigger, while dark colors can be depressing if not broken up with wainscoting or molding.

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What Are Some Good Colors to Paint Wood Paneling?
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Rustic reds give paneling a barnyard feel and work great for country-themed rooms. Pastel greens, pinks and blues work well for children's nurseries, while whites and creams compliment almost any space and make smaller spaces appear larger. Dark colors on paneling may appear depressing, so add light-colored furniture or molding to create a balance. Molding can be painted in complimentary colors for a dual-toned look. The painter can experiment with glossy paint to reflect light or matte colors for a sophisticated look.

A decorator should test paint swatches at different times of day to see how the color looks in different light. The use of a primer ensures that the paint stays true to color, and applying more than one coat helps achieve the desired coverage. Painting paneling first with a brush gets it into the grooves, and finishing with a roller minimizes streaking. Working from top to bottom makes it easy to catch any drips before they dry.

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