What Are Good Colors of Paint for an Office?


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Good colors of paint for an office often include colors in the blue, yellow and green families, according to Forbes. It is recommended that the color be subtle so that it is not too stimulating and promotes a calm environment.

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Blue is considered one of the best colors for an office space because it is a color that naturally calms and increases people's desire to trust, communicate and to work with their minds, notes Forbes. Yellow is also a good color for offices because it can make people feel optimistic, though too much of the color can promote anxiety. Green is good for office spaces that need balance, creativity and innovation because it provides a grounded, harmonious feeling.

White is one of the worst colors to choose for an office space, because it provides a clinical, severe feeling when used in excess and can make people feel uncomfortable. This can adversely affect their work productivity. Because red can stimulate heart rates and make a person hyper focused, it is only a good office color choice for people who have detail-oriented work, according to Fast Company. However, due to its intensity, red should still be offset by a more calming color.

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