What Are Some Good Colors to Paint a Kitchen?


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Some of the best colors to paint a kitchen are bright or warm colors that create a sense of relaxation and an underlying element of subtle energy. These include white, red, yellow and gray.

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Because the kitchen is such an important room, it needs to be a color that welcomes and refreshes. While white may seem to be a boring color, it provides a neutral, bright and refreshing palette for a wide array of other colors. With white as a base, a homeowner can add splashes of green, blue, red, black or brown to generate the best look.

For a bolder statement, red and yellow are good colors for kitchens because they are bright and full of energy. Red and yellow are also warm colors, which are inviting and cheery. Yellow is a bit more understated than red, but it is more luminous, like a ray of sunshine in a room. Coupled with a contrasting shade, each of these colors can generate an individualized look with its own personality.

Gray is another color that is suitable for kitchens because it goes with everything. Gray blends well with any just about any shade of orange, red, green, blue, white and black.

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