What Are Some Good Colors for Concrete Siding?


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Some good colors for concrete siding are reds, deep oranges, yellows, greens and dark blues. Other popular colors are whites, soft pastels, dark grays and neutral tones. Colors that accent the environment or the neighborhood can make the concrete siding visually appealing.

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Concrete siding in warm colors such as reds or gray-toned reds are well-suited for traditional houses in rural towns and older cities. Browns and yellows in subtle tones are great for houses in rustic style. Cool colors such as gray-blues and navy are classic, whereas cerulean and azure blues look breezy and serene. Greens in varying shades are good for siding in regions with lots of trees and vegetation. Yellow sidings are best for casual houses such as cottages and bungalows.

Whites and soft pastels are clean, bright and pure colors. They work great on houses with colonial inspiration, and mixing them with other hues adds personality to the decor. Concrete siding in dark colors such as dark grays, blues and greens are well-suited for houses in modern or urbane style. Neutral colors such as beige, cream, gray and brown look sophisticated and chic, especially when the houses feature darker shades. They are good for contemporary houses in suburbs.

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