What Are Some Good Clover Killers for Your Lawn?


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Apply a selective herbicide to kill clover without harming the lawn. Trimec is an effective control for white clover, as is the selective herbicide Clear Choice. Liquid post-emergent broad-leaf controls work on white clover when applied from March to late May, before the clover blooms and forms rhizomes.

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Hand pulling is a method of removing small areas of white clover, as is increasing the mowing height to inhibit clover seed germination by reducing sunlight. Because white clover thrives in lawns with low nitrogen, control it by adding a nitrogen fertilizer and eliminating any additional phosphorus.

While chemical and organic methods work to eliminate clover, seeds that remain in the soil are a problem for seasons to come. Treat a lawn in early spring with an application of corn gluten meal, which acts as an effective clover seed pre-emergent. To eliminate clover seed germination in flower beds, apply a thick layer of mulch.

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