What Are Some Good Closet Layouts?


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Some good closet layouts include the symmetrical layout, walk-in closet layout and double rod layout, notes HGTV.com. The right closet layout can help maximize space with the addition of items such as drawers, shoe rods and baskets. Homeowners interested in designing a new closet layout can purchase a do-it-yourself kit from several companies, which is especially helpful for beginners.

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A symmetrical closet layout is a good option for a child's room, notes HGTV.com. They can be designed with brightly colored baskets, boxes and cubbies. Adults may prefer a walk-in closet that can maximize the space and be designed to organize both men's and women's clothing. A double-rod layout helps increase the usable space in a closet and make room for drawers, wire baskets and other containers.

Once the general layout of the closet has been chosen, homeowners can design the inside in a way that works best for them. For example, sweaters can be stacked and coordinated by color so that they can be found easily. If the person has many suits and formal wear, design the closet so that it has as much hanging space as possible. However, if the person has mostly informal clothing that can be folded the hanging space may be eliminated completely to make room for more shelving and drawers, notes HouseBeautiful.com.

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