What Are Some Good Chemicals for Killing Termites?


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BoraCare and Premise 2 are effective chemicals for killing termites, according to ePestSupply. Other popular chemical termite killers include Altriset, Phantom and I MaxxPro 2F.

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BoraCare is a powerful wood treatment for existing termite infestations. It also repels termites, ants and fungi. Viable application methods include brushing, rolling and foaming.

Premise 2 is a liquid termite killer that contains imidichloprid, a tobacco derivative. This concentrated product must be diluted with water and may be applied by spraying or foaming.

Altriset is a fast-acting treatment that paralyzes and kills termites on contact. It also kills nearby colonies. Chlorantraniliprole, the active ingredient in Altriset, is a low-toxicity alternative to the highly toxic chemicals found in other termite control products.

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