What Is a Good Checklist for Moving in and Moving Out?


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A checklist that covers the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom keeps things organized when moving out or out. Taking these areas of the home into consideration, the movers should print out a list of items to review and check off. Some things to remember to do are to turn on faucets to check for water pressure, flush toilets and make sure all electrical appliances are in working order.

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What Is a Good Checklist for Moving in and Moving Out?
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A checklist for the kitchen should remind the movers to make sure the stove operates properly by turning on burners and the oven. The movers should also check that the hardware on cabinets is solid and the faucets in the sink work as they should. If there is a spray attachment, the checklist should including trying it out in the sink.

A bedroom moving checklist mentions that the movers must ensure lights, outlets and switches work properly. They must also check any air conditioning or heating units, as well as open and close the windows to ensure they are in good shape. A living room checklist covers checking the lights, switches and any

windows to make sure they all work. The movers should additionally locate the cable TV outlet when moving into a dwelling.

When running through a bathroom checklist, movers should check that sinks, toilets and showers are in working order. They should turn on faucets and flush the toilet to see if it fills and shuts off properly. Then, they should make sure there are ground fault circuit interrupter outlets near the sink and check for mold and mildew, especially around the ceiling fan and grout lines.

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