What Are Some Good Chairs for College Dorm Rooms?

What Are Some Good Chairs for College Dorm Rooms?

Good dorm chairs add both extra seating and color to the typical utilitarian decor of a dormitory room and include options such as poufs, butterfly chairs, bean bags and convertible lounge chairs. Additionally, a comfortable desk chair allows you the option of studying in your room.

A pouf is a cube that can double as a seat or an ottoman. Poufs take up minimal floor space, and the upholstery adds texture to the room.

Butterfly chairs are relatively inexpensive and offer the versatility to change chair covers for a new look. Because they fold up, they are portable and easy to store.

Bean bag chairs come in backed and backless styles, and because they conform to the body, young people may find them comfortable for sitting and lounging. They add a fun sense of style to the room.

Convertible lounge chairs offer comfortable seating by day, and many transform into extra sleeping space for overnight guests. Some are cushioned, while others combine the fun of a bean bag with a lounge chair.