What Are Some Good Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaners?


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Mild detergent, clean water, and a rag or chamois mop are several good ceramic tile floor cleaners. A nonabrasive, all-purpose cleaner effectively gets rid of soapy residue, while a mixture of water and baking soda helps eliminate grease and other stains.

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It is important to clean glazed tile floors frequently using a broom or a vacuum cleaner to prevent sand and grit from darkening the surfaces. Homeowners should avoid using a sponge mop, which often drives dirty water into grout tracks. When mopping the tiles with detergent, a person should change the water regularly as dirty water can lead to a murky floor. A person should wipe in circular motions when using a rag.

Fresh lemon juice is another recommended cleaner to get rid of soapy residue on ceramic tiles. An individual should wash with water and use a lint-free cloth to dry the floor. Cleaning grout involves rubbing a paste of water and baking soda on the stain, leaving it to dry for a night, scrubbing the grease using a stiff nylon brush and repeating the process until the stain disappears.

The final step is to put a silicone-base sealer onto the grout to protect it from stains. Homeowners may also use sandpaper to clean grout stains by folding the sandpaper and rubbing it along the grout line.

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