What Are Some Good Central Vacuum Systems?

The PowerStar Optima 99193, Drainvac DV1R700-F and Dust Care DCC-3000C Quiet Series are excellent central vacuum systems, according to Central Vacuum Reviews. Other highly rated models include the AirVac Red Series Bagless Central Vacuum 627W and Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen.

The PowerStar Optima 99193 is a 120-volt central vacuum system with a 6.2-gallon dirt receptacle. This bagless system features a self-cleaning HEPA filter.

The Drainvac DV1R700-F is a bagless cyclonic central vacuum that holds up to 9 gallons of dirt. This single motor vacuum cleans spaces up to 8,000-square feet and works best when connected to an outside vent.

The Dust Care DCC-3000C Quiet Series is a powerful 120-volt central vacuum for spaces up to 10,000 square feet. It has a 12-gallon dirt receptacle and a dual filtration system. The Dust Care DCC-3000C Quiet Series comes with a seven-year manufacturer's motor warranty.

The Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen has an 8-gallon dirt canister and a digital display panel. It covers spaces up to 4,500 square feet. Like the PowerStar Optima 99193, this vacuum has a self-cleaning HEPA filter. The Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

Traditional vacuums agitate dirt and debris, reducing air quality. Central vacuum systems solve this problem by gathering particles into a sealed central container. They also eliminate the need to carry a heavy vacuum from room to room.