What Are Some Good Cat Shelves for Windows?


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Window-mounted cat shelves such as the Kitty Cot, Sunny Seat and K & H EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill attach directly to the window glass with suction cups. Owners of large cats who need a more stable shelf may prefer the K & H Manufacturing Kitty Sill.

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The bed of the Kitty Cot is made from waterproof fabric and PVC pipe for easy cleaning. The 1/8-inch stainless steel support cables are designed to hold up to 30 pounds safely. Cat owners can place a blanket or cat bed on top of the shelf to make it more comfortable for their pet. The shelf folds neatly against the window when it is time to close the curtains or blinds.

The K & H Manufacturing Kitty Sill connects to the wall below the window and sits flush with the windowsill. A hook-and-loop fastener allows easy installation and removal without any tools. Screws are also included for permanent installation. The shelf is 14 inches by 24 inches and holds up to 40 pounds. The basic model comes with a fleece cover for the shelf. The Thermo Kitty Sill includes a removable heater to keep cats warm in the winter. K & H also offers a deluxe model with a bolster pad for extra security.

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