What Are Some Good Carpet Choices for Bedrooms?


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Some good carpet choices for bedrooms include nylon, wool and polyester. Many types of carpet piles work well in a bedroom, including plush, saxony and textured carpet piles.

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Nylon is an excellent carpet choice for a bedroom, since it is extra-soft and very durable. Nylon is also resistant to stains. The softness of the carpeting makes it ideal for a comfortable room like a bedroom. Polyester is also a good choice for low-traffic areas like the bedroom. Polyester comes in many different colors, so someone going for a bright and bold look will find polyester carpeting that fits this style. It is also non-allergenic, which is an important quality for the bedroom.

Another carpet choice for bedrooms that has nearly the same softness as nylon is polypropylene. Not only does it feel comfortable underneath bare feet, but it is also resistant to shedding, mildew and stains. Wool carpeting is extremely soft and comfortable. It lasts a long time in its original quality and is made using natural fibers. Some wool carpeting does have synthetic fibers mixed in to increase the quality and lower the price.

For carpet piles, saxony is a great choice. It provides a plush and fuzzy appearance due to the straight individual strands used. It is better for low-traffic rooms, such as a bedroom. Carpets with a textured cut pile are soft and are made with yarn that is twisted into spirals.

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