What Are Some Good Brick Staining Products?


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Good brick staining products include iron oxide-based brick tints and penetrating masonry stain. Both of these products can refresh the look of old brick that has faded due to years of weathering.

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Brick stains can update the look of a homes exterior and match new extensions to the home's original facade. The effectiveness of the stain varies depending upon the porosity of the brick. It is generally less expensive than resurfacing, and peeling and crackling are not an issue like they are when a home's bricks are painted.

Brick stain is applied to each brick using a brush. Loading the brush lightly applies just the right amount to each brick, and using a brush the width of the brick helps the do-it-yourself homeowner avoid getting stain on the grout. After the first coat dries, a second coat can be applied to deepen the color. It is generally easier to change the color of a brick to a darker shade with the stain.

Interior brick facades can also benefit from brick stains. Many homeowners update the look of a fireplace using these stains. Most brick stains are safe for use inside the home and make very little mess compared to resurfacing the fireplace.

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