What Are Some Good Brands of Video Lamps?


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Some good brands of video lamps include Lowel, Arri, Ikan and Flashpoint. These brands of video lighting garner positive reviews. Many offer both camera-mounted and free-standing video lighting systems.

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Lowel and Arri are leading brands of lighting equipment for film and video, producing the type of equipment found on movie sets as well as smaller kits to fill the needs of hobbyists and independent professionals. Arri is best known for traditional tungsten lighting kits capable of illuminating subjects well at a distance. Lowel offers tungsten kits as well as newer LED lamps. The Lowel Blender lamp uses a combination of LEDs producing different tones to offer users the option to shift easily from daylight balance to tungsten balance or any tone in between.

Ikan and Flashpoint are relative newcomers to the video lighting marketplace that focus squarely on powerful LED lighting options. The cooler temperature of LED lamps makes the shoot more comfortable for subjects, and the lightweight construction is easier on the crew. The Ikan 500 offers lightweight, low-power video illumination with remote-controlled dimming that is easy to transport and runs on either batteries or AC power. LED lights offer cooler, more efficient lighting options for closer shooting. The lightweight, shoe-mountable Flashpoint LED 70 is a cool lamp that produces warm light and provides two hours of run time.

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