What Is a Good Boiler Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners?

A good boiler maintenance checklist for homeowners entails a visual inspection of the boiler, running it and looking for leaks and other issues, and noting the boiler pressure. A checklist should include servicing every year or, at the most, every other year.

A visual inspection includes examining the boiler all over for damage and cracks. Floors should be checked to ensure water is not leaking. A repair technician should be contacted as soon as possible if leaks or damage are detected.

The next step on a checklist is to start the boiler and let it run so that leaks, cracks and damage become apparent. If they do happen, the boiler should be shut off immediately; keeping it going is dangerous. Steam should also not emanate from the boiler while it runs.

Boiler pressure should be checked; the boiler manual explains a safe pressure amount. When the boiler is in use, such as during winter, pressure should be taken at least monthly. Checking for cracks and more is also a good idea during those monthly pressure checks. Boilers should be switched off right away if the pressure number is unsafe.

A boiler should be serviced at least once every two years. The area around a boiler should be clear, and flammable objects should be kept away.