What Are Some Good Bedside Alarm Clocks?

What Are Some Good Bedside Alarm Clocks?

Some good bedside alarm clocks are the Phillips Wake-Up Light, the iHome and the Sony Dream Machine. Other bedside alarm clocks include the Chumby/Sony Dash and the alarm clocks included with most smartphones.

The Phillips Wake-Up Light uses a combination of light and sound to wake up users in the morning. As the wake-up time approaches, the light gradually increases its intensity to create a more natural wake-up experience. With a number of different soundscapes and a recommendation from the National Sleep Foundation, the Wake-Up Light can also double as a bedside lamp.

IHome manufactures bedside alarm clocks for a number of devices including iPhones, iPads and even some Android devices. Since devices can drain quickly overnight, iHome also has wired and wireless peripherals to prevent this.

Sony manufactures a variety of Dream Machines. The machine features an LCD screen, an alarm clock and an AM/FM tuner, and more expensive units include features such as nightvision.

Chumby, which used to make actual alarm clocks, now makes only the software. Chumby software is found in Sony's Dash line of Internet-connected alarm clocks. The Dash and Chumby wake up the user with streaming music or the radio. Most smartphones have native alarm clock apps as well, and additional alarm clock apps can also be downloaded.