What Are Some Good Bedroom Closet Door Styles?


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Swinging, sliding and bi-fold are good bedroom closet door styles, according to HGTV. The best style for a particular bedroom depends on the size and layout of the room.

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The hinged, swinging door is very popular for closets because the door itself offers extra space for storage hooks, bags and shelves. Opening the door exposes the entire closet. However, this type of door is not ideal for small bedrooms because it requires free space in front of the closet. Without adequate space, the door cannot open.

Sliding doors, which do not swing out into the room, are a convenient solution for cramped bedrooms. These doors, which are usually installed in pairs, sit on a track and slip past each other to reveal the contents of the closet. The primary drawback of sliding doors is that part of the closet always remains covered.

Bi-fold doors are also popular in small bedrooms. They expose the entire closet when open but do not have the same spatial requirements as traditional swinging doors.

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