What Are Some Good Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers?

The Black & Decker SPCM 1936, Stihl's RMA 370, the Worx WG789 and Neuton's Ce6 are some good battery-powered lawn mowers. Some criteria used in choosing a good battery-powered mower include the battery run time, the quality of the cut, the deck height adjustability compact storage, and bagging and mulching options.

The Black & Decker mower is a heavy self-propelled machine that rivals many gas-powered models in grass-cutting ability and size. The propulsion is engaged by depressing the bail on the handle, but it can be operated manually as well.

The RMA 370 from Stihl is light and compact with the option of two or four AH lithium ion batteries. It has an easy to use grass catcher constructed of rigid plastic. The mower comes in a complete kit that includes the batteries and the buyer's choice of a regular or fast battery charger.

The self-propelled Worx mower has a Pacesetter feature that adjusts the drive speed to match the walking pace of the operator. It has a 19-inch cutting path and can be switched between quiet and power modes using its Intellicut feature.

Neuton's Ce6 has an easy to see voltage gauge on the operator handle and is equipped for keyless starting. It has multiple height and length settings for the operator handle to fit different size users and large rear wheels provide smoother operation over uneven terrain.