What Are Some Good Bathroom Color Palette Ideas?

Some good bathroom color palette ideas include the combinations of navy blue, silver and powder white; pewter and ivory; charcoal and white; and sand, light pink, white and silver. These palette ideas are based on creating an understated atmosphere of calm and peacefulness to enhance the sanctuary aspects of the private space.

The combination of navy blue, silver and powder white can use the deep blue hues to suggest the sky or sea playing off against the starker white of a porcelain tub and the silver of the vanity or lighting fixtures. Similar combinations in the window curtains or shades can enhance the contrast. The subtle blend of pewter and ivory hues creates an immediate soothing atmosphere that works with a variety of bathroom decors. Countertops and trims can create striking contrasts using darker colors.

Charcoal and white is a simple combination that creates the contrast within the color palette itself. The deep and darker colors can lend a dramatic touch to your chosen decor; use accents of other colors such as green or blue in wall art or window dressings. A beach-like theme makes for a relaxing bathroom; this approach uses sand and light pink hues on the walls.