What are some good backyard shade trees?


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There's a wide variety of options when choosing backyard shade trees. Mature trees add value to properties and provide sunlight protection. Give careful consideration to whether deciduous or evergreen trees are the right choice. Growth rate and proximity to the main living space are also important factors. Some recommended backyard shade trees are the southern magnolia, the red maple and the weeping willow.

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The southern magnolia is a large evergreen shade tree that produces fragrant white flowers as large as dinner plates. This tree adapts to many soils and to fluctuations in soil moisture. It also grows well in sun and shade. Southern magnolias can be planted as a single specimen in landscaping or in a row to add privacy and define property lines.

The red maple grows quickly, reaching a height of up to 75 feet and produces foliage that turns bright red in the fall and burgundy in the spring. Red maple seeds attract squirrels and birds. This tree thrives in warm areas with abundant water access and grows in sun or shade.

The weeping willow is known for its abundant cascading foliage. It requires ample access to water, full sun and partial shade. This tree thrives in a wide variety of soils and provides shelter for small birds and mammals.

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