What Are Some Good Asphalt Roof Shingles?


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Good asphalt roof shingles include those manufactured by CertainTeed, Owens Corning and Gaf. The best asphalt roof shingle option depends on the type of roof and the place where the house is located geographically. Good asphalt shingles should also come with a manufacturer's warranty that is greater than 50 years.

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There are two different kinds of asphalt roof shingles. Fiberglass shingles are constructed out of a foundation panel of fiberglass, which is then layered with asphalt. These types of asphalt shingles are lighter, thinner and are more fire resistant than organic, mat-based asphalt shingles.

Organic asphalt shingles are the traditional shingle option, and they are generally made from recycled felt paper and a large amount of asphalt. These types of shingles are heavier, more expensive and have a tendency to warp if they are installed in wet regions.

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