How Do You Find Good Asphalt Paving Contractors?


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To find a good asphalt paving contractor, homeowners need to ask questions such as the thickness of the asphalt, if the estimate is negotiable, if they are insured and if they require a down payment. Jobs under $10,000 should not require a down payment before the work begins.

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There are several other aspects of the work to keep in mind when talking to potential contractors. Homeowners should be aware of companies that offer secret methods to do asphalt. The equipment that is used is very specific and detailed, so new or secret methods could refer to shortcuts that may end up causing the asphalt not to be done properly and need redone. That can effectively double the cost of the job, especially if the job is not covered by a warranty.

Making sure that the company's equipment fits through gates or on the property is very important as well. If the deal is set up and the contractor arrives unable to do the job, there may still be fees that do not get refunded because the asphalt has to be prepared at a specific temperature to do the job; it would not be reusable for another job. If gates need to be taken down, identify who is responsible for doing so and putting them back up.

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