What Are Some Good Ant Killers for Lawns According to Experts?


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Do-It-Yourself Pest Control cites Taurus SC and Termidor SC as good ant killers for lawns. When choosing an outdoor ant killer, the most effective active ingredients to look for include bifenthrin, carbaryl and permethrin, notes SF Gate.

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Taurus SC and Termidor SC are non-repellent insecticides, which means that ants cannot detect them from a distance. These products provide long-lasting protection when sprayed around the perimeter of the home and in front of each place where ants enter the building. Homeowners should also spray the insecticide around doors and windows.

Effective ant removal involves indoor and outdoor components. Taurus SC and Termidor SC are not suitable for indoor use but work well in conjunction with indoor ant killers such as Phantom Aerosol.

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