What Is Some Good Advice for Growing Clematis Vines?

Good advice for growing clematis vines is first to make sure the location of the vine is sunny with at least six hours of sunlight daily. Choose a location that will support a trellis or pole as the clematis vine grows.

Add fertilizer or a similar compost to the potting soil before planting the clematis vine. Work the nutrients into the soil to a depth of at least 2 feet. The clematis vine thrives on nutrient-rich soil and grows from 3 to 20 feet in the right conditions.

After planting the root ball of the vine up to the first set of leaves, cover the hole with nutrient-rich soil. Surround the plant with at least 4 inches of mulch. This protects the plant from weed growth and helps to keep the soil moist. Ensure the soil remains moist while it is acclimating to its surroundings.

Clematis vines like the sun, but the roots do not like extreme heat. Plant ground covering plants such as hosta around the clematis vine to keep the roots cool.

Train the clematis vine to a trellis or supportive post as it grows so that it climbs and spreads during the flowering season. Use gardening wire to help train the vines.

At the end of the growing season, it is best to prune the vine to about 6 inches of the prior year’s growth. Check the specific species of clematis for the best pruning time.