What Is Good Advice for a Bedroom Makeover?


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When planning a bedroom makeover it is important to set a budget first. The budget helps set the framework for what is realistic to accomplish. New shades or drapes in a fun color enliven a room with neutral-colored walls. Painting requires some prep work and time, but is inexpensive and completely changes the look of a bedroom.

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Adding unique details, such as a piece of artwork or new bedding, creates a different look and is quick and easy to do. Old vintage crates make great storage solutions that add some shabby chic charm.

Antique stores, classified ads, and second-hand furniture stores are great places to find unique end tables and dressers that give a bedroom an instant new look. Adding lighting makes a room look much different. Lamps and accent lights placed in the right spots make a bedroom not just look different, but more comfortable in which to stay.

It is also important to remember that creativity is a good thing to embrace when planning a bedroom makeover. Every space is unique in some way. If the bedroom is in a rental unit, for example, makeovers may need to be planned using temporary materials rather than major changes such as painting.

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