How Do You Get Glued Linoleum Off of a Floor?


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Cut the linoleum into 6-inch wide strips with a utility knife, and pull them up one by one to remove glued linoleum from the floor. If the linoleum is glued to a wooden floor that homeowners want to maintain, cut the strips perpendicular to the grain of the wood. For difficult pieces, use a hammer and chisel placed under the linoleum to pry the strips up, according to ImproveNet.

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How Do You Get Glued Linoleum Off of a Floor?
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After removing the linoleum strips, begin removing the adhesive used to attach the linoleum to the floor. Start by using a paint scraper to chip away at the glue. Try applying a heat gun to the adhesive to soften the glue, making it more pliable for scraping. If the adhesive is tar-based, mineral spirits also help soften it. On concrete surfaces, soften the glue by soaking it overnight in a soap and water solution.

Due to the difficulty of removing the glue, homeowners working with a plywood base may consider pulling up both the linoleum and plywood and replacing the whole floor. To preserve a hardwood floor, scrape away as much of the glue as possible before sanding the hardwood floor down and preparing it for refinishing. Prior to removing linoleum, ImproveNet recommends ensuring that any of the exposed adhesive does not contain asbestos.

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