How Do You Get Glue Out of Clothes?


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Remove water-based glues from clothing by scraping off softened glue and then laundering the garment in hot water after pretreating the glued area. If the glue has already hardened, then soften it before scraping it away. Consult the manufacturers of non-water-based glues for removal instructions.

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  1. Soften hardened glue

    Rub the hardened glue with petroleum jelly until it softens, or rub a waterless hand cleaner into the glue to soften it. An alternative method is to soak a stack of paper towels about 1/8-inch thick in warm water and then place the stack over the glue. Leave the towels in place for about an hour until the glue is soft.

  2. Scrape off the soft glue

    Use a flat-bladed butter knife to scrape the softened glue from the clothing, removing as much glue as possible without removing any of the fabric.

  3. Pretreat the clothing

    Use a prewash stain remover on the glued portion of the fabric. Rub the stain remover thoroughly into the clothing, extending the pretreated spot about 1/4-inch around the glued area to ensure full coverage.

  4. Launder the clothing

    Launder the clothing as normal, using the hottest water that is safe for use with the fabric type to complete the glue removal.

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