How Do You Glue Metal to Metal?


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Glue two pieces of metal together by cleaning the metal and using a two-part epoxy to form a bond between the metal surfaces. After spreading the epoxy where needed, apply pressure to the two pieces to encourage a firm grip between the metal parts.

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  1. Clean the metal

    Clean the surfaces of the metal pieces to remove any dirt or debris that might interfere with the connection. Lightly sand the connecting surfaces to add a bit of texture to the metal, which gives the epoxy an easier grip. Wipe off any residue from the metal with a clean cloth.

  2. Mix the epoxy

    Create the glue by mixing the two parts of the epoxy together. Typically, the epoxy is mixed in equal portions, but the instructions for the epoxy specify component proportions. Make sure that the two components are mixed thoroughly. A good indicator of a thorough mix is when the two colors of the two parts of the epoxy are no longer visible.

  3. Apply the glue

    Apply the epoxy mixture to both metal surfaces. Consult the manufacturer's instructions to determine how much epoxy to use.

  4. Connect the metal surfaces

    Press the two metal surfaces together where the epoxy is located. Epoxy binds quickly, so there is little time for adjustments when the two surfaces touch. Clamp the two metal pieces tightly together. Allow the epoxy to dry completely before removing the joined metal from the clamps.

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