How Do You Glue ABS Pipe Fittings?

To glue ABS pipe fittings, apply glue designated for use with this specific product to the pipe and fitting. Push the fittings together using a twisting motion to ensure even distribution of the glue. Hold the joint together for a few seconds to ensure it does not pull apart during the setting of the fast-drying glue. No primer is required when gluing ABS pipe fittings.

Proper preparation of the pipe for gluing includes cutting the pipe fairly straight and using a utility knife or emery cloth to remove any burrs left over from the cutting process. These burrs cause trails in the glue, weakening the joint and increasing the chance of leaks. To eliminate burrs and ensure straighter cuts, use a tubing cutter for pipes under 2 inches in diameter.

Before applying glue to the joint or pipe, recommends dry-fitting the pipe and ensuring that drain lines have the proper drop for drain flow. The Family Handyman recommends using the glue to seal the cut ends of ABS pipe before gluing. This pipe has a cellular or foam core construction, which allows air to pass through unless the cut ends are sealed, causing the system to fail any required pressure tests.