What Is a Gloxinia Flower?

A gloxinia flower is a large bell-shaped flower with a velvety texture similar to that of an African violet. Gloxinia flowers are tuberous plants, which means they grow from underground tubers. These flowers come in both single and double blooms based on the variety planted. Gloxenia flowers are available from florists for floral displays or from nurseries to plant and grow at home.

Gloxinia blooms average over 3 inches in diameter. The petal edges can be either smooth or wavy. Thanks to hybridization, gloxinia flowers come in a variety of colors and coloring patterns. Examples of possible colors include white, pink, blue, purple and red, all of which are generally bright and vivid on the petals. Some gloxinia flowers feature a two-toned coloring pattern with either white in the centers or around the edges of the blooms.

Gloxenia flowers grow well in pots and are available as tubers to plant from nurseries. Another option is to propagate gloxenia flowers by taking leaf cuttings during active growth and sprouting them in seed-starting soil. These flowers require plenty of bright, indirect sunlight to grow well. Too little light affects leaf growth, while too much direct sunlight is potentially damaging to the plant. Too much or too little water can negatively affect gloxenia flowers, which are sensitive to moisture levels in the soil.