Which Glass Stove Top Keeps Clean the Best?


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GE, Bosch, LG and Kenmore all produce ceramic glass-top cooking ranges that have performed well in consumer tests regarding cleaning and maintenance. Glass-top ranges are easy to clean but a challenge to keep clean, which is one of the main cons of owning one.

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The normal splashes and stains that arise from cooking stick to the glass surface, which can take a while to cool down after use. This slow cooling can also prevent you from promptly cleaning the surface, as the cleaning fluid can burn onto the range. This delay gives the stain more time to set.

Special glass-top cleaning solutions are available and often recommended by manufacturers. A simple baking soda solution is efficient, cheap and nontoxic. Research should be done before cleaning a glass-top range, as using the incorrect product can leave smears or even cracks on the surface.

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