How Does a Gibson Central Air Conditioner Work?


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Gibson central air conditioners consist of a cooling unit that utilizes a chemical called a refrigerant to absorb the heat from air in the home and pump in cooled air through a duct system. The system utilizes the home's ducts to cool the entire home rather than just one room.

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Gibson home air conditioner are available in two different models, a split system and a packaged system. In a split-system air conditioner, two different but connected units are installed in the home. One unit is installed inside the home and may contain an air handler that directs and processes the air being spread through the home, as well as a furnace depending on the way the home is configured. It also contains an outdoor component that draws in warm air from the home, cools it and dispels the excess warmth to the outside. A packaged system contains a single unit outside the home and does not require any additional installations inside.

Both systems work under the same basic cooling principles of cycling air, and both require some special configurations for the outdoor unit. Depending on the area outside the home, the system may need cement or plastic seating to ensure proper ventilation.

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