What Gets Ink Out of Clothes?


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According to Martha Stewart, ink stains can be removed from clothing by pre-treating garments with glycerin and then washing them in a regular machine wash. Ballpoint pen ink and permanent ink can also be removed by blotting the affected areas with solvent-based products such as nail polish remover, hairspray or rubbing alcohol. Once the stains have lifted, it's important to finalize the process with a regular machine wash.

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What Gets Ink Out of Clothes?
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Water-based ink stains caused by waterproof markers can be eliminated by placing a paper towel directly over the affected area and drenching the fabric with shampoo. Allow the shampoo to set for approximately 15 minutes, and blot the area with a soft towel or cloth. Spot clean the fabric with water until the stain is removed, and wash the clothing on a regular setting.

Tough ink stains can also be treated with a combination of equal parts standard laundry detergent and lemon juice. Apply a liberal amount of the cleaning solution directly onto the fabric, and allow it to set for approximately 2 hours. Rinse the garment in cold water, and treat the back of the stain with standard detergent. Hold the garment under cold running water, and rinse again. Once the stain is removed, wash the item on its usual setting.

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