How Do You Germinate Radish Seeds?


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To germinate a radish seed, place it in an appropriate type of seed-starting soil at a depth of 1/2 inch in rows separated by 3 inches between seeds. Plant the seeds in either early spring or late summer and early fall. Avoid planting at the height of summer, when temperatures regularly exceed 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Water moderately and mulch around the seed furrows to seal moisture into the soil.

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How Do You Germinate Radish Seeds?
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For optimal produce, plant the seeds in a soil with a pH between 5.8 and 6.8 that drains well, suggests Burpee.com. Prepare the bed by tilling the soil at least eight inches down. Radishes dislike being transplanted, so plant them in a bed or pot that receives over 6 hours of sun each day. Radish seeds are actually balls that contain multiple seeds. If multiple seeds from a single seed ball germinate, thin out the smaller seedlings to ensure proper space for the radish root to grow. Monitor the seeds closely and count the days after germination to better know when to harvest the root vegetable. Radishes germinate very quickly, and most varieties are ready for harvest in less than a month. Radishes are not susceptible to diseases, but watch for damage from root maggots.

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