How Do You Germinate Clematis Seeds?


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Clematis seeds do not always produce the same flowers as the mother plant. Careful selection is important for germination. Ripened seeds should be sown as soon as possible. Germination time varies depending upon clematis type.

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How Do You Germinate Clematis Seeds?
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  1. Select the seeds

    For seeds that bear flowers identical to the mother plant, species clematis seeds should be planted. Planting hybrid varieties may result in plants that are very different from the original. Seeds from small-flowered plants usually germinate in about six weeks. However, seeds from large flowers may remain dormant for as long as three years.

  2. Sow the seeds

    Prepare trays of 3- to 4-inch containers filled with a pre-wetted and drained seed compost-grit mixture in a cold greenhouse away from direct sunlight. Sow the seeds evenly across the surface, allowing 0.5 inch or more for spacing. Lightly sprinkle compost and coarse sand on top to a depth of 0.25 inch. Place the trays in water containing a fungicide, removing the trays from the water when the grit shows signs of dampness.

  3. Pot the seedlings

    Observe the containers until the seedlings reach a height of 2 inches. At this point, each seedling can be transplanted to a new container that is 2.5 inches or larger. Transplants should remain out of direct sunlight until fully grown.

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