What Are German-Made Clocks Called?


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The most well-known type of German-made clock is called a cuckoo clock. These clocks are also known as Black Forest clocks.

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What Are German-Made Clocks Called?
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German cuckoo clocks are elaborately decorated and are usually made from linden wood and painted in bright colors. The clocks get their name from the small wooden cuckoo bird that pops out of the case at the beginning of every hour and 'whistles'. It usually whistles a specific number of times to indicate the hour. For instance, when a cuckoo whistles twice, it indicates that it is 2 o'clock.

These clocks were supposedly first built in the Black Forest region, but history shows that this style of clock started elsewhere, during the mid-1600s. It was not until a couple of decades later that people in the region really took to the idea of cuckoo clocks and started building them en masse.

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