What Is a Gerber Viper Toilet?


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The Viper toilet by Gerber is an elongated toilet that is built to save space and water, without sacrificing performance and quality. It features a two-piece design, consisting of a separate elongated bowl and an easy-to-mount slimline tank with a lever.

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The Gerber Viper toilet is approximately 2 inches smaller than a standard toilet and can fit comfortably into small spaces that cannot accommodate a toilet with a traditional round bowl. There are different Viper models, some of which are built with round footprints and taller ADA-compliant comfortable ErgoHeight bowls with seats that are is easy on the knees. The location of the slimline tank's lever can be interchanged if required.

With a mere 1.28 gallons per flush, the Viper reportedly uses 20 percent less water than standard toilets, meeting the EPA's WaterSense standards, while being a home water saver. Its Master 400A fill valve fills the tank quickly, with barely a sound, according to the manufacturer. The 3-inch flush valve with its dual-fed siphon jet and gravity flush allows for a quiet, fast, powerful flush that clears out drain lines. The Gerber Viper toilet has a 2-inch trapway that is fully glazed, allowing solid waste to pass through easily for a completely clean flush.

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