How Do You Get a Georgia Burn Permit Online?


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To obtain a Georgia burn permit online, go to the Georgia Forestry Commission's website and utilize the Online Permits section. To obtain the permit, select the county for which you are seeking the permit and select the type of permit. From there, follow the prompts for the burn permit application. The only burn permit you can obtain online is for the Hand Piled Natural Vegetation burn permit.

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You can also call 877-652-2876 to obtain a burning permit, as of 2015. Fires are not to be initiated before 8 a.m. and must be extinguished before dark.

The natural vegetation permit allows you to burn existing small clearings to plant vegetable and flower gardens. You can also burn vegetative debris that resulted from storm damage. You can burn to get rid of weeds, for pest prevention or for disease prevention.

The permit does not include burning debris from clearing an area with a machine to establish a new garden spot. That type of activity is a land-type change and subject to land clearing burn rules and regulations, and you can obtain a permit for machine-piled vegetation or an area burn by contacting your local county office of the Georgia Forestry Commission.

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