How Do You Get a Generator Repaired?


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To repair a malfunctioning generator, visit the service centers page at ElectricGeneratorsDirect.com, locate the brand name manufacturer, and contact your local service center. Alternatively, search for local independent generator repair shops. If your generator is still under warranty, use a service center connected with its brand. If the warranty has expired, you can choose any repair shop with skilled generator repair technicians.

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Common reasons for generator failure include loss of battery power, not enough coolant, faulty block heaters and air inside the fuel system. A majority of generator repair service calls are due to a failed battery. This common problem is mainly the result of a build up of sulfates that coat battery plates, draining the battery's charging effectiveness over time. Generator batteries also fail after the charger breaker is tripped or not turned on after maintenance. Other battery problems include loose or dirty cables.

Generator failure is sometimes due to low coolant levels, which often indicate a leak in the generator's exterior or interior. An over-taxed internal thermostat can cause coolant to disperse through the unit's overflow line, lowering the level of coolant. Oil leaks cause wet stacking, which is an accumulation of wet materials inside the generator's engine.

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