What Generator Parts Typically Need to Be Replaced?


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Some typical parts that often require replacement on a generator include the fuel filter and air filter. The spark plugs on the generator may also require replacement from time to time.

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If the generator is hard to start or if the engine falters, it could be due to a dirty fuel or air filter. Storing gas in the generator between uses can be one cause of a clogged filter. Replacing the filter often fixes the problem.

The spark plugs in the generator may also need replacement. Many manufacturers recommend replacing spark plugs every year or after 100 hours or use. If a spark plug cracks or develops deposits, it can cause misfiring of the generator and requires replacement.

If the engine keeps shutting off during use, this may indicate that the air filter is dirty and needs replacement. It can also indicate a clogged fuel filter, low gas level or trying to power a load in excess of the generator’s capacity.

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