What Are the General Operation Guidelines of Troy-Bilt Leaf Blowers?

general-operation-guidelines-troy-bilt-leaf-blowers Credit: WIN-Initiative/WIN-Initiative/Getty Images

When operating a Troy-Bilt leaf blower, use safety equipment to protect eyes and ears from flying debris. Use the variable speed cruise-control feature to reduce finger fatigue. Loosen leaf debris with a rake or broom prior to leaf-blowing, and always operate the leaf blower in a stable, upright position.

Make sure to hold the leaf blower with the right hand and position the blower on the right side of the body so the intake valve is not obstructed by clothing or body mass. Do not attempt to use the leaf blower while leaning over a surface or standing on an unstable area, such as a ladder or stool.

The variable speed cruise-control feature is located on the upper portion of the unit hand grip. Slide the lever of the cruise control to the "FAST" position to incrementally increase the blower engine speed. Slide the lever to the "SLOW" position to slowly decrease engine speed.

Use a firm grip when handling the unit. Operate at lower speeds to create less noise pollution, and use the leaf blower at reasonable times of day to prevent disturbing neighbors. For a comprehensive list of general and safety operation directions, visit the Troy-Bilt website and select a specific leaf blower manual to review.