What Are Some General Instructions for Toilet Installation?


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Install a toilet by adding the closet bolts, placing the wax ring around the waste horn, placing the toilet over the bolts, pressing the unit into place, and adding the tank. After installing the toilet, adjust the water level in the tank.

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Insert new toilet bolts into the slots on the flange. Place the bolts so they are in a line parallel with the back wall, and tighten the first set of nuts to hold them in place.

Turn the toilet bowl upside down on the floor, and place a new wax ring around the horn. Press it slightly to hold it in place. Turn the bowl so the right side is up, and align the holes in the base with the toilet bolts. Set the bowl over the bolts, and press some weight on it so the wax ring forms a seal with the flange. Place washers over the bolts, add nuts and tighten them, then cut the excess length from the bolts, and install the toilet caps.

Use the rubber washers and bolts the manufacturer supplies with the toilet to connect the tank. Connect the water supply line to the tank, and turn on the water. Flush the toilet, and let it refill. Adjust the float level if necessary.

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