How Does a General Electric Profile Convection Oven Cook Food Faster?


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Convection ovens cook food faster by adding a fan that provides more even distribution of heat. Cooks have the choice of reducing the temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit or the time by 25 percent. True convection ovens have a third heating element to provide heat for the fan to distribute.

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Because convection ovens distribute heat more evenly, it is possible to load the oven fully and produce a uniform product. While traditional ovens limit the cook to a single cookie sheet at a time, convection ovens allow him to place a cookie sheet on each rack and achieve evenly browned cookies on each one.

The air circulation helps to melt shortening in pastries quickly to provide a crispy piecrust. It transforms the fat of chicken skin for the perfect roast chicken. When roasting vegetables, the oven provides the heat they require for caramelizing the sugars to improve their flavor.

The thought of convection oven cooking scares many cooks. However, the best way to learn to use this faster-cooking unit is to experiment. The first few times the cook uses it, he should keep an eye on the foods by using the oven light and avoiding opening the door. Within a few attempts, many owners find the device helps to improve their results.

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