How Do You Find General Electric Oven Parts?

How Do You Find General Electric Oven Parts?

Customers can find new parts for General Electric ovens directly on the manufacturer's website. Customers may enter the appliance model or the part number, and the website also provides assistance locating the serial number and model of the oven based on the product type.

After locating the serial number of the part, the customer can decide to purchase the part directly from the manufacturer or from a third party seller. There are several online retailers that also sell new and used General Electric oven parts, including Amazon. Typically, used oven parts are less expensive than new parts.

If the oven has been discontinued, there are many online third party retailers, auction websites and Internet specialty stores likely to carry the part, offering same-day shipping. With some stores claiming to sell millions of parts, it is possible to find surplus parts for even very old appliance models.

Another option is a local independent appliance repair store or appliance salvage company. If the oven is a recent or popular model, it is possible to find the a used part locally.

Before purchasing a General Electric oven part, the customer should contact the nearest General Electric Supplier or call General Electric Factory Service to inquire if the replacement part is still under factory warranty.